General Info

City: Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy

Address: via Elettra, 26/80

Inauguration: -

Structure: indoor arena

Playground: parquet

Capacity: sets 700

Palapepe Services


Unattended car park

Medical center

Medical Center


Changing rooms with showers


Closed and managed space

PalaElettra II, also called Palapepe or Pala Quaranta is a sports facility used for indoor sports. It can host basketball, volleyball and other non-sporting events and as a gym for gentle gymnastics and bodyweight classes.
The structure has a capacity of almost 700 seats. Equipped with changing rooms and services. The playing field is in wooden parquet. is located in Via Elettra.
The Palaelettra is equipped with an infirmary and an anti-doping laboratory and some warehouses.

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