The eighth edition of the MFC overcomes the difficulties of COVID-19

The Coronavirus affected the normal execution of the tournament; the numbers of the 8th edition are more smaller  than in the past, but confidence has grown, as confirmed by the presence of two European companies, which have chosen MFC to get out of this ordeal.

Organizing such an important event in just over two months is a real challenge, faced the disastrous events that have changed the lives of all citizens of the world. It is vital believing that everything can be like before, it takes courage to continue those operational projects before Covid-19.

The MFC (Montesilvano Futsal Cup) is a tradition for all youth futsal movement; considering the timing it was important to follow up, bringing all the young athletes back to the field, desirous to relive the emotions of a top-level sporting competition. The result was surprising due to the adhesions of the 21 participating clubs, including 19 national and 2 foreign (Belgium and France).

Four categories, from Under 11 to Under 17 for a total of 109 games played; a surprising number concentrated in just 4 days.

Pescara Calcio returns to victory in the Under 13 category. A 10-teams category, with the surprising exploit of Futsal Les Geants, which in the qualifying round ends with full points, just like the winning Pescara Calcio B does. Two very strong teams, who in the final play an intense match, full of goals and twists.

As it happened two years ago, when Ariccia Valmontone won the Under 17 category on its first participation, another team from Rome replicates the feat, the Sporting Hornets who have the honor of raising the cup, beating in final the highly accredited Fortitudo Futsal Pomezia; a match with few goals, which confirms the robust structure of the two teams.

In the Under 11 category, nothing is taken for granted; the winner of the Futsal Les Geants, conquers the first place in the group, against fierce coompetitorss; in group B the Elledi Fossano Futsal wins the group with full points, but then it will be Cantera Adriatica to challenge the French in the final. Cantera Adriatica who had beaten Hellas Monteverde in the semifinal, who had won all three matches in Group C.

In the Under 15 category, Sporting Altamarca wins the penalty shoot-out against Sporting Club Marconi. A thrilling final where the coldness of the boys is surprising, all extremely precise from the penalty spot.

MFC 2021 will be remembered as the edition of the rebirth; in these days the organization is already working for the 2022 edition; to date, with a sporting season that has yet to come, there are many expressions of interest from all over the world.

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